Sewing on Cards

You may have noticed that sewing has become super popular on cards. I jumped on board with the trend a couple of months ago and LOVE it! It is such a simple way to add so much detail to a card, and if you have your machine already set up it is super fast. The two pictures below show the same card made with the Sweet Sorbet DSP and A Dozen Thoughts stamp set. The first is with no sewing and the second is with it.

While the no sew card still looks absolutely adorable, you can see what sewing adds to a card. I have a quick couple of tips if you want to sew on your cards. 
  1. I like to make sure that all my sewing is on a layer separate from the card base. This way the inside of the card always looks nice and clean.
  2. I pull the top thread through to the back so I don't have any loose treads. I do this just because I tend to prefer a nice clean style. However, if you like the loose threads, then let them be!

Now, if you want to sew on your cards but don't have a machine, you can always hand sew. The best way to do this is to paper-pierce the holes first then sew with a needle and thread. I'll warn you now this takes a lot of patience and would not be my first choice. 

Also, if you are like my mom and cringe at the thought of touching anything sewing related, then there are some great faux sew options. The first would be to paper-pierce the holes then use a White Gel Pen or Stampin' Write Marker to draw the tread. If that is still too much, you can skip the paper-piercing and just draw a dashed line. Remember too that the card will still look great if you skip the sewing all together! The picture above is a great comparison between the different sewing techniques (click on it to view larger).

I hope this gave you some insight into sewing on cards! If you have any questions just ask in the comments below!

Smiles :)

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  1. Great job, thanks for taking the time to show us.
    Barbara, TX


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