Taipei, Taiwan Week 1

Hey everyone! I have been in Taiwan for a week now and it has been quite an adventure so far. I'll be honest, it was a little rough at first. Night markets are the "thing" in Taiwan, and I could care less if I ever stepped in one again. I don't love the food (all though I have continued to try it), and the area were I'm staying is not beautiful. It's hard to remember that it is ok not to to fall in love with a place your visiting, but it is. It is still a trip of a lifetime.

As we start to do some more sight seeing, I find myself having starting to enjoy the trip more. It isn't much of a surprise that my favorite parts of this trip have been the National Palace Museum (I only seen a little bit and need to go back!) and the Taipei Fine Art Museum. The group of students and professors from SVSU is great, and the Taiwanese students that show us around are awesome. The Mandarin class is challenging, but I seem to be picking up what we have learned so far.

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!

View from my room

National Palace Museum

Calligraphy Class

View at Ye Liu

My Chinese Name

Practicing our Mandarin with locals.

Smiles :)

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  1. Taipei, Taiwan, my home town. I will be there in less than a week, can't wait!!!
    Totally understand that you didn't care for the night market nor the food, just hope you will find something that you like later (bubble tea? Shaved ice? dintaifung dumpling house?)
    If you get a chance to visit other places, don't miss Taroko Gorge on the East coast.

    Lauren. Y


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